Garden Maintenance


Offering a complete service using our own equipment and tools, being fully registered and insured means you will employ us with every sense of peace of mind possible. 


Full reports of visits made including photos are possible as well as a quick update by email after some visits about the general state of the property at no extra charge included in all our seasonal contracts saving you money on supplementary security. 


We can perform lawn mowing with or without collection, strimming, weed control of drives/patios as well as regular hedge and shrub maintenance. 


This service is available with a full season program or one-off visits. We
can even share the responsibilities of your garden with you, by stepping in and
looking after your garden's needs if you are not present at your French property full time.


The spec of our machines gives us the possibility of being able to provide our services for small and large gardens alike and also means we can tend to gardens of every state (pristine or rustic).


We even have the means of turning your field into a park through an initial "attack" style visit and then ongoing regular maintenance.


We can also offer a payment plan that will help you financially by offering you an option of dividing and thus spreading your total garden maintenance cost over 12 months rather than just the 8 months that work is generally carried out (March - October) - this means maintaining your holiday home becomes much more affordable as your monthly outgoing will be spread.