If you are thinking about a certain job or project for your garden we are a family team, based and established in Normandy, France since 2005.


We are fully registered and insured and have a large clientele base covering all of Normandy and it's neighbouring departments.


You'll see by looking further into our website site that we offer a vast range of services and have invested in a large tool, machine and vehicle fleet which helps us complete your requests to the quality you expect and deserve.


We are hardworking, reliable, very professional but still remain friendly & approachable in discussing any ideas you may want to realise.


Our overall aim is to provide an outstanding and satisfying service for all our customers existing and new.


Please look at our testimonials page as well as all our photos on the website are from previous projects completed. 




Don't delay and book a consultation for a no-obligation personalised quotation for your project or garden maintenance program in season 2020




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