Timber Merchandise 

Quality timber from our trusted supplier. 


Delivery is possible at extra cost depending on your order quantity.



Please email your order to langtons@wanadoo.fr or call the office with details Please ensure that you provide us with a contact number or email address in order to confirm all orders. 




Bac a fleurs MANA


Ref 22234

150 x 50 x 32cm



Ref 22232

100 x 50 x 32cm



Ref 22230

                                                             50 x 50 x 32cm 





Bac a fleurs MANA


Ref 22239 

103L x 30W x 94H cm 





Bac a fleur etage


Ref 22282 

100L x 65W x 42H cm




Bac a fleurs FESTONE


Ref 25585

90L x 45W x 45H cm



Ref 25580

45L x 45W x 45H cm




Raised bed 

Autoclave classe 3


100 x 100 x 20cm 


42 EUR


Raised bed 

Autoclave classe 3 


120 x 120 x 40 cm 


50 EUR

Gate "St Lo" (dim. LxH)


ref CC4931D (right)

100 x 120cm



ref CC4932D (right)

ref CC4932G (left)

200 x 120 cm



                                                             ref CC4933D (right)                

                                                             ref CC4933G (left)

                                                             300 x 120 cm 



                                                             ref CC4937D (right)

                                                             400 x 120 cm




Please note that all of our gates come WITH the hardware (fixation) as shown in the photos. 




Gate "St Lo" 


CC4931D (right)





Diamond head Gate Posts 

Treated timber (autoclave cl.4)

Dim. (LxWxH)


ref 162014

14 x 14 x 100 cm    


ref 162114

14 x 14 x 150 cm   


                                                       ref 162214 

                                                       14 x 14 x 200 cm   


                                                       ref 160519

                                                      19 x 19 x 250 cm   






Garden Shed 

ref 3012 

220L x 213W x 225H cm 


(Exists in 2 door version - same price)




Octagonal Pergola 

280L x 280W x 310H


posts 9x9cm


ref 24210 


Free delivery within Zone






Pergola "Stacy"

400L x 400W x 315H cm




ref 24270






Pergola "Japon 1"

250L x 250W cm 



ref 24280


posts 7x7cm 


Pergola "japon 2"


350L x 250H cm 




posts 7x7cm 


ref 24285


Free delivery within zone